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Beard Oil - It is vitally important for your beard and face. Apply a few drops of The Blades Grim Beard Oil to your skin as a regular part of your beard grooming regimen. Then slowly work it through your beard. These beard oils will soften your whiskers and reduce the possibility of unsightly dandruff. Although this sounds counterintuitive, our quality beard oils will also help to keep your face from becoming excessively greasy. 

Making The Blades Grim Beard Oil a regular part of your beard care regimen will help to make your skin healthy and reduce the prevalence of coarse hairs in your beard.

The Blades Grim Beard Care Oil Products below, contain Vitamin E, apricot kernel and avocado oil. As a result of this ingredient combination, These Beard Oils hydrate your skin, soften your facial hair and gives it a healthy shine. You might only need a few drops, but the effects this oil will have on your beard grooming regimen will be amazing. Enjoy and groom on!