About Us

Beard club is the foundation of the bearded Gent. From mustaches to the bearded pro we service all forms of facial hair. Our products come from the finest all natural ingredients and essential oils. We are built off the foundation that it’s not only about looking good it feeling good about what you put on your body as well. Beard Club is the essence of greatness and wholeness.

We are an American company. All products are made in the U.S.A. Our mindset is grow America and its people. That’s the way we intend to keep it. We feel good about our non- outsourced products. Our business is nestled in the mountains of beautiful north Idaho. The place where the beard has never gone out of style and is part of everyday life. The only way to tell the ladies from the men.

Established in 2014 our team has made leaps and bounds to get a quality product to the consumer. Beard Club is made up of a group of guys that are focused on making a product for men by men. We do all tests in house. Let’s face it Guys we know what we want. Our product is affordable for everyone.